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Why Get Prescription Glasses If You Can See Without Them?


Did you know that nearly 60% of people wear glasses or contacts? Prescription glasses are the most popular way to correct mild to severe vision needs and can be helpful to you even if you can see well enough without them. Even if you think you can drive and perform other tasks without the aid of your prescription glasses, you should wear them anyway. Here are just a few reasons why.

You have prescription glasses for a reason

When you have prescription glasses, you should wear them all the time, or as instructed by your eye doctor. You have prescription glasses for a reason, and without them, you might put more strain on your eyes and make your vision effectively worse with time.

If you don't wear your prescription glasses because they are uncomfortable or you have other reasons for not wearing them, talk to your eye doctor. They will help you learn ways you can cope with your glasses so you wear them more often and get more out of your vision correction overall.

Keep in mind that the worse your prescription is, the more often you will have to wear glasses, particularly for reading or driving, or doing other sight-reliant tasks. If your vision is around 20/160 or worse, then you should be wearing your glasses a majority of the time.

Glasses are common and trending

With more than half of people wearing glasses or contacts, glasses prescriptions are more common than ever. This means glasses are commonly worn and don't carry any type of negative stigma. In fact, you can make a trending statement by wearing prescription glasses, buying popular brands of eyewear, or be daring with the styles you choose for your glasses. When you invest in glasses you feel confident and attractive in, you can be more likely to wear them all the time, even if you don't think you need to.

You might be wearing your glasses at the wrong time

Depending on how severe your vision is, you may need glasses for some things and not others. For example, you might need glasses for reading but not for watching TV. You might only need glasses for night driving but not for driving during the day. Your eye doctor can tell you how often you need to wear your glasses or for what activities glasses are appropriate, so you might not have to wear glasses all the time after all, but will be using your glasses prescription appropriately.

For more information about prescription glasses, contact a local optometrist.


4 November 2020