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Questions About Repairing Detached Retinas


Vision problems can be a serious problem for anyone to encounter. Unfortunately, it is a problem that can take many different shapes and forms. In particular, a detached retina can be a very serious problem that will need to be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could be possible for the detachment to become severe enough to result in a total loss of vision.

What Would Cause Your Retina To Detach?

While a detached retina is a problem that many people may realize is a threat, there are a number of ways that this problem could start to arise. For example, it can be possible for some individuals to have genetic disorders that could cause this problem to start developing. Additionally, it could be possible for strong impacts to cause the retinas to loosen or detach. Due to the wide variety of ways that this problem can arise, it may also be worthwhile to become familiar with the potential warning signs of this problem. These can include seeing unexpected shadows, flashes of light or blind spots, and you should seek an eye exam to determine the cause of these alarming issues.

How Painful Will Retina Surgery Be?

Fears about painful surgery can be a common reason for individuals to delay undergoing this type of a procedure. However, the pain from this surgery will be fairly mild as powerful anesthetics will be used to numb the eyes. During the first several days after this surgery, your eyes may be rather sore, but you will be able to manage this type of pain by taking pain medications that your doctor will prescribe. This discomfort and pain should rapidly fade as your eyes heal.

What Is Involved With Recovering From Retina Surgery?

While it is possible to correct detached retinas with surgery, there are some individuals that will be concerned about the recovery process for this type of eye surgery. Luckily, the surgery from this procedure may not be as intense or disruptive as many people may anticipate. In most cases, the patient will want to avoid being exposed to intense light for the first several days as you may experience light sensitivity. After a few days, you should be able to return to a more normal schedule, but you may need to wear special sunglasses to help minimize exposure to extremely bright lights or ultraviolet rays from the sun. Over the recovery period, you will also need to visit the doctor so that they can monitor the eyes throughout the healing process.

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27 September 2017